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News & Events

2024-05-31 Bhattadev University launches five new programs under NEP CLICK HERE

2022-04-01 University Week 2021-22 will be held from 5th April to 12th April 2022. CLICK HERE

2021-08-11 UGC Letter regarding Rendering of National Anthem of India CLICK HERE

2021-07-13 PM Interacts Today with Olympians at 5 PM CLICK HERE

2021-07-10 No HS Classes in Universities and Autonomous Colleges - Governor of Assam CLICK HERE

2021-06-24 Bhattadev University, Bajali: the journey so far, an Article on The Assam Tribune CLICK HERE

2021-06-19 Fostering a culture of academic integrity in India's higher education system, an interview with Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe, former professor of IIT Guwahati and the current Chairman, AICTE CLICK HERE

2021-06-13 Teaching-learning during Covid CLICK HERE

2021-02-24 Bhattadev University Student wins prize in international film festival CLICK HERE

2021-01-18 44th Indian Social Science Congress CLICK HERE

2020-10-02 Vaishwik Vaigyanik Summit 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-10-02 UGC_Letter-Artificial-Intelligence CLICK HERE

2020-09-10 Results of District Level Online Essay Competition Organized by Students' Advisory Council, Bhattadev University, Bajali CLICK HERE

2020-09-06 Felicitation Programme of former Teachers of the erstwhile Bajali College in Bhattadev University CLICK HERE

2020-08-15 Article on Bhattadev University at "AAMAR ASAM" CLICK HERE

2020-08-12 Virtual Discussion Meeting on National Education Policy 2020 and the Future of Indian Higher Education System CLICK HERE

2020-08-12 A ONE-DAY Webinar on The Technique of X-ray absorption Spectroscopy using Synchrotron Radiation organised jointly by Department of Physics & Department of Chemistry CLICK HERE

2020-07-24 Rosalind Franklin the ‘wronged heroine’ of DNA and Viruses CLICK HERE

2020-07-16 Advertisement for admission to Bhattadev University for the Session 2020-21 CLICK HERE

2020-07-13 Report on the Special Lecture on Curriculum Development delivered by Dr. Dulumoni Goswami, Gauhati University CLICK HERE

2020-07-08 Online Lecture Programme on Curriculum Development CLICK HERE

2020-07-07 The Coronavirus maybe airborne CLICK HERE

2020-07-05 MHA Guidelines for Phased reopening (Unlock 2) CLICK HERE

2020-06-27 Bhattadev University Celebrated its First University Day CLICK HERE

2020-06-24 Transforming Education CLICK HERE

2020-05-31 Spread of coronavirus through airborne transmission CLICK HERE

2020-05-31 Celebration of World Environment Day CLICK HERE

2020-05-31 Online Poster Making Competition CLICK HERE

2020-05-30 NDLI Users' Awareness Webinar on 06/06/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-05-24 Online Essay Competition Organised by Students' Advisory Council, Bhattadev University CLICK HERE

2020-05-19 Solar Power Plant installed at Bhattadev University CLICK HERE

2020-05-11 Redressal of Grievances Related to COVID-19 Pandemic (Public Notice from UGC) CLICK HERE

2020-05-02 What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine CLICK HERE

2020-05-01 An audio clip of Honourable Vice-Chancellor's interview with All India Radio,Guwahati regarding online teaching during the crisis time of pandemic COVID-19 CLICK HERE

2020-03-28 Contribution to Assam Arogya Nidhi Account CLICK HERE

2020-03-12 Special Talk on Bhattadev at Bhattadev University CLICK HERE

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