A Public State University established by upgrading Bajali College under Assam Act No. XXXVI of 2017

Pathsala, Assam

(03666) 266423

University Emblem

(The emblem is yet to be approved by Executive Council)

The emblem has been designed by modifying the emblem of erstwhile Bajali College following the addition of a Puranic motto ‘sā vidyā yā vimuktaye’ with the meaning ‘Knowledge is that which liberates’. Let knowledge liberate us from disease, grief, greed, envy, sin, poverty, bondage, dearth, ignorance, superstition, narrowness etc. Let there be an institution of excellence at Bajali, a university that will attract the best of minds – students, staff and visitors alike and let the university help us in understanding the society we live in and at the same time, in providing solutions to the problems that the society faces.

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