A Public State University established by upgrading Bajali College under Assam Act No. XXXVI of 2017

Pathsala, Assam

(03666) 266423

Campus of Bhattadev University

Bhattadev University, Bajali is located in Pathsala town area of Barpeta District of state of Assam, India with 91.187o Longitude and 26.543956o Latitude. The University is surrounded by - Krishna Kanta Handique Junior College in the North, Bajali Higher Secondary School in the North-East, Bishannala in the South, Laksmi Mandir and Saraswati Paying Guest in the South-West, Hotel Attithya in the East and Pathsala Town Committee House in the West of the University . The campus of the University covers 16 acres of land including the following resources and infrastructures

Resources and Infrastructure available in the University Campus

★ Two Arts Buildings

★ One Three Storeyed Science Building

★ One Three Storeyed New Academic Building

★ A new Library cum Information Technology Center Building- Central Library, Bio-Tech Hub, P.G. Class Rooms, Conference Hall cum Digital Class Room

★ One Auditorium

★ One Non-Resident Students’ Centre

★ One Gymnasium Hall

★ IGNOU Study Centre

★ IDOL Study Centre

★ One Computational Laboratory

★ One Boy’s Hostel

★ Three Girls’ Hostels

★ Quarter (For Principal of erstwhile Bajali College)

★ Hostel Superintendants’ Quarter

★ One Play Ground

★ One Pisciculture Pond

★ One Volley Ball Court

★ One Tennis Court

★ One Basket Ball Court

★ One Botanical Garden

★ One Floriculture Garden

★ Two Cycle Stands

★ University Post Office

★ One Health Centre

★ University Canteen

★ 4 Smart Class Rooms

★ Two D.G. Power Plants

★ One Thirty Thousand (30000) litre capacity Central Drinking Water Plant-I

★ Drinking Water Plant-II

★ (Sponsord by Alumni Society)

★ Departmental Museum in Zoology and Geography Department

★ Seminar Room and Library in each department

★ DBT sponsored institutional level Bio-Tech Hub

★ University Campus under CCTV surveillance

★ Intercom facilities for all departments and hostels

★ Computer facilities for each and every departments of the university, University Office and Central Library

★ University Press

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