A Public State University established by upgrading Bajali College under Assam Act No. XXXVI of 2017

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Pathsala, Assam

The Department of Commerce , Bhattadev University,Bajali (Previously Bajali College) have been inaugurated on 16th August 2007, on the occasion of 52th Foundation Day of Bajali College. The Commerce Department was established as per recommendation of NAAC Peer Team in 2003. The starting of the Commerce Department was led by then Chairman of the Governing Body as well as retired Honorable Principal Dr. Debendra Nath Sarma of Bajali College to facilitate the students of greater Bajali Area. Initially the Department was started with 25 students in 2007.

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Mrs. Archana Das Khataniar

M.Sc., B.Ed
Head of the Department(i/c) & Associate Professor.

Specialization: Applied Mathematics
email id: archanakhataniar@gmail.com
contact number: 9864204876

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Sri Indrajeet Das

M.Com., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor [Ad Hoc]

Specialization: Accounting
contact number: 9864761506

Sri Guruprasad Das

M.Com. B.Ed.
Assistant Professor [Ad Hoc]

Specialization: Finance
contact number: 9957585631

Sri Utpal Roy

M. Com
Assistant Professor [Ad Hoc]

Specialization: Cost & Mgt. Accounting
contact number: 9707260353

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